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Transport Topic Group

After our initial meetings, the Transport Topic Group agreed common interests and priorities centred around campaigning for modal shift towards more cycling and active travel, effective and integrated public transport, and against the addition of new roads as a default approach.  There is a developing page of 'Interesting Stuff' on each of these themes, as well as general transport related content, all linked below. 

For the group's latest news, shared information, previous meeting notes and next meeting sign-up, please see further down...  and please do join us if you are interested!


Transport - Cycling 

  • Government guidance, policies, announcements etc.

  • Wiltshire Council documents and links

  • Swindon materials

  • Sustrans, Cycling UK and other organisations

  • Other

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Interesting and useful stuff we collect on cycling will be arranged under these headings:

Completed and planned schemes on the A35

Transport - Roads

Interesting and useful stuff on campaigns about road schemes will be under these headings:

  • Government guidance, policies, announcements etc.

  • Wiltshire, Swindon and SWLEP documents and links

  • A303 at Stonehenge

  • Other campaigns and organisations


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Transport - Public Transport 

Interesting and useful stuff we collect on public transport will be arranged under these headings:

  • General

  • Buses

  • Rail

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Transport - Other & General

We'll put all anything affecting transport emissions across the sector, or other specific areas here...

Please note that the Energy Topic Group will be looking at electric cars and there is some info here.  

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Group News

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The Transport Topic Group felt that Wiltshire's emerging local plan content, (both for local areas, and overall 'Local Transport Review' linked here), reflect a Council not planning in line with the CEE, and to support its net zero emissions by 2030 aim, which will require modal shift away from private car use. 

We're grateful to Margaret W and Andrew N for putting together this response which formed part of the unified consultation response submitted by WCA.

Group Resources

Contacts Database image.png

Transport Topic Group Contacts Database

Our Transport Topic Group database is a work in progress: suggestions and corrections welcome: please email transport@wiltshireclimatealliance.org.uk .

It so far contains transport-related leads, decision-makers and officers at SWLEP, The Western Gateway Sub-National Transport Body, and Wiltshire Council. 

It also contains a list of the CATGs (Community Area Transport Groups) and who seems to attend them. 

Bike Shops in and around Wiltshire

This is a list of bike shops in and around Wiltshire with websites, contact details and notes on e-bikes etc. Update suggestions welcome: please email transport@wiltshireclimatealliance.org.uk .

Group Meetings

Our next Transport topic group zoom meeting date is Thursday 23rd June at 7pm (or from 6.45pm for newcomers and settling in). Inputs please to transport@wiltshireclimatealliance.org.uk . (We normally meet on the 4th Thursday of the month.)


Please register to take part using the form below.  All welcome!


1. Review of previous notes (April meeting)

2. Active Travel

    2.1. Update on recent formation of a Wiltshire Cycling Network Alliance

    2.2. Proposed letter to Active Travel England on Wiltshire schemes, bids and LCWIPs

    2.3. Action: working group to progress Active Travel Forum (notes of meeting with SK of Somerset ATF attached)

    2.4. E-bikes, cargo bikes, Wiltshire food waste collection 

3. Roads

    3.1. News on A350: Melksham Bypass, Yarnbrook-West Ashton, future Westbury W Bypass, M4 Jct 17.

    3.2. Action proposals: responses to Wiltshire and DfT. Other?

    3.3. Stonehenge A303 update.

4. Public Transport: any updates?

5. Wiltshire LTP4 (Local Transport Plan) and Local Plan Review: any updates?

6. Forward Plan?

7. AOB

Register for Transport Topic Group Meetings

16th September 2020

1st October 2020

12th November 2020

3rd December 2020

14th January 2021

18th February 2021

18th March 2021

22nd April 2021

27th May 2021

24th June 2021

22nd July 2021

26th August 2021

23rd Sept 2021

28th Oct 2021

For November 2021 main items were:

 - Establishing a Wiltshire Active Travel Forum - Sonia Kundu from Somerset RailtoTrail contributing

 - Discussion of Sustrans approach to developing cycle routes - Sustrans county rep invited

 - Updates on previous actions and other issues, including Melksham bypass

More details on this November agenda.

24th Feb 2022

22nd April 2022