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Youth Group

Welcome to WCA's Youth Group! We are open to all under 25's in Wiltshire who want to get involved with local climate action. We will be running inspiring talks and 'how to' workshops and have lots of exciting ideas for the future including competitions and demonstrations!

To mark the second anniversary of Wiltshire Council acknowledging a climate emergency, we recently held a Youth Climate Conference with Wiltshire Councillors and MPs. You can watch the recording of the event HERE or read about it in this Wiltshire Times article.

If you have any questions, please email us at

To join as a young member, register HERE.

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Young People's workshop with Wiltshire Council - 12th November - Recommendations for a greener future? - Here is the report

On the 12th November, we held our first ever youth event, with the aim of providing young people with an opportunity to influence what Wiltshire Council is doing to plan for a greener recovery. Young participants had the chance to have their voices heard and put ideas straight to the council.


We were delighted that 25 young people joined the meeting and around 40 people in all  attended including Wiltshire councillors and officers. We had an excellent spread of age groups, with several university students and also people as young as 9 attending.

The report and recommendation (in the form of PowerPoint Slides) can be seen on this LINK


Here is a useful document containing hints and tips for lobbying.

  • Your lobbying is most effective when it is really based on and informed by the law- legal issues are the no1 problem when NGOs and citizen groups approach campaigning.

  • Need to enter into your politician’s ‘space’ e.g. where do they spend their time- online, within the council, at the end of an email etc....

Click here to read the full document.

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Interesting stuff

Here is a selection of free resources that you may find interesting:

  • This blog written by our Youth Coordinator which explores sustainable living and wider environmental issues.

  • 'How youth activism is moving the needle on climate action' article

  • David Attenborough's 'Climate Change: The Facts' documentary

  • Greta Thunberg's 'I am Greta' documentary

  • Free online courses about nature and the environment are available from Future Learn, OpenLearn and edX

  • Teach the Future campaign and petition which is calling for climate change to be included on the school curriculum. 

  • Volunteering opportunities with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.

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