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Interesting Stuff - Electric Vehicles

This page provides WCA members with a selection of interesting documents that are relevant to electric vehiclest. This could be anything to do with roads, cycleways, footpaths, the way they are maintained etc. 


We continue to develop this part of the website welcome suggestions from members of the WCA - please send us any by clicking on the button below. 

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Now you can subscribe to an electric car - Interesting Article

You’ve already got a monthly Netflix subscription, and maybe a veg box delivery service. So why wouldn’t you start leasing an electric car on the same month-to-month terms?

A number of firms are now offering this fresh take on driving, effectively giving people a chance to try electric vehicles without the commitment of buying or entering a lengthy leasing agreement.

Read the article Here

EV database of fully electric vehicles available now

Been looking for information on the full EV range around, now and shortly?

Here it is!!


The Electric Vehicle Database

Types, Prices, range, efficiency


See the database HERE

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Please help us by taking this 3 minute survey about electric vehicles - Click on the LINK to complete the survey

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How recyclable are batteries from electric cars?

Electric cars aim to be 'green', but what about their batteries? Here's what you need to know about electric car battery recycling.

This very interesting articles talks about how existing EV batteries a presently recycled and what the future will look like.

See the article on this LINK

Vehicle to grid is where the battery in your electric car is connected to the grid and used by the electricity suppliers at times of high demand. These three videos are superbly done.. I was really impressed by the clear and simple way in which Sheila talks us through her experience of connecting her Nissan Leaf to the grid and getting paid for it! 

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