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Interesting Stuff

This section of the website provides WCA members with a selection of topical resources. It is growing rapidly and we are delighted to see that people are putting forward some very interesting stuff to be shared with the membership. Where possible we try our best to 'fact check' what we post but we welcome comments if you find inaccurate information. It is a work in progress and we welcome suggestions from members of the WCA - please send us any by clicking on the button below. 

Interesting Stuff - Time to get organised!

We have been delighted to receive some great ideas for items to be included in this section - Please keep them coming by clicking on the suggestions box above -  We have now started to organise the interesting stuff into various categories to make the site easier to navigate - Just click on one of the boxes below to go to the section that interests you the most! 

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Just click on HERE to be taken to the Covid-19 recovery section - There is so much passion about ensuring that we rebuild better. Visit this page for links to well informed articles about how we can ensure that recovery is as green as possible. 

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HERE you will find interesting documents that are relevant at the national and international level and are not specific to a particular part of Wiltshire.

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The WCA and its members are keen to work with Wiltshire Council in order to have a positive influence on its policies. Here you will find interesting documents about what they are doing - Some good, some very good and some not so good. Read all about it HERE

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Here you will find useful guidance for people or communities wanting to make their lives more environmentally sustainable. Simple steps that could make the world of difference. Click Here to see all the documents 


Click HERE to see interesting articles and links relating to roads and transport infrastructure in Wiltshire and the wider UK.  

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More and more WCA members are sending us links to very interesting radio and TV programmes. Here you will find a list of links

Westbury Incinerator.jpg

The plans for the Westbury incinerator is causing a great deal of concern. Click HERE to view interesting information, letters, news articles and details of who to contact  to make your views known. 


Data can appear a bit dull at times but with data comes power - It is great to know some facts. Click HERE to get more data (Interesting data)

Sustainable Devizes believe that local independent businesses benefit the area hugely and in many ways. 

To access their Food Directory, here is the LINK


Click HERE to see a collection of petitions that you can sign if you so wish, if there are any petitions that you feel strongly about and would like us to showcase, get in touch.

Business Team

Here you will find lots of interesting information for businesses including funding opportunities and examples of companies who are doing particularly well in reducing their impact on climate change. Click HERE for more information

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