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Interesting Stuff - Good Place to find Data

This page provides WCA members with a selection places to find interesting data. This section will include links to websites our members have found useful as well as reports which include a lot of data. It is a work in progress and we welcome suggestions from members of the WCA - please send us any by clicking on the button below. 

All About Methane! Useful data...


Methane contributes to climate change due to its positive radiative forcing effect and is the second most significant greenhouse gas in the UK after CO2. The major emitting sources in recent years are enteric fermentation, landfilling of wastes, and leakage from the gas distribution system.

Visit the website to find out more about methane...

Here is the LINK

Community Carbon Calculator - Understand your village/Town's footprint

Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 17.42.27.png

This is an excellent tools to determine the carbon footprint of your community. Just put in the name of your village or town and you will be given the average household carbon footprint of your community. You can then compare this with other community across the country or the national average.

It is well worth exploring if doing some work in those communities.

Here is the LINK

Screenshot 2020-09-09 at 10.27.22.png

DR Emily Grossmann's report on Climate Change

If you're looking for facts, on climate science here they are 

Science facts written by Dr Emily Grossmann and reviewed by a number of scientists.

Handed over to Met Police and Government in London in September 2020.

This report is very detailed and contains an enormous amount of very interesting information. 

Click HERE to view the report

History of Climate Change - Part 1 & 2, Presented by Dr Richard Sharp

Part 1 - This video charts the development of climate change from the early research in the 19th century when the greenhouse effect was discovered. It covers research in the last century and the warnings to politicians, leaders of industry and world leaders up to 1990. A point when we knew all we needed to know to combat the problem of climate change. Part 2 covers the wasted years since 1990. A period when the total emissions of carbon dioxide grew to be greater than the total emissions from the previous 240 years.

Part 2 - This video outlines how the last 30 years have got us to where we are now. Scientists had indicated the dangers of continuing to burn fossil fuels and its impact in driving global climate change since the 50s. Major oil companies through their own research confirmed this and the 80s became the warmest decade on record. By 1990 research data provided all the information we needed to know to begin to make the necessary changes. Instead we have gone through thirty years of vested interests fighting back, supported by sections of the press and the denialists; many politicians were either bought off, failed to understand, or put the economy before the health of the planet. 

Screenshot 2020-06-20 at 15.49.00.png

Temporary reduction in daily global CO2 emissions during the COVID-19 forced confinement

This study published in the journal Nature Climate Change is well worth a read.  Prof Corinne Le Quéré of the University of East Anglia led the analysis and discusses the main findings in the video below.

Screenshot 2020-06-23 at 10.18.47.png

Carbon intensity website - Really interesting and Easy to Understand

This is a really interesting website which talks about how much carbon has been used to make the electricity we use. We can make a big difference to our household footprint when we understand where our electricity comes from. The video shown below was lifted from the website where you van find lots of other interesting stuff. Visit their website

Screenshot 2020-06-23 at 10.33.43.png

Climate levels website

The Global Climate Measurement Data shows just how serious the climate situation currently is. Self-learning about what drives these measurements will help your campaigning effectiveness and teach you a great deal about our beautiful world. The site is very simple in that it just contains a number of graphs that you can play around with. Have fun and explore the data!

FOe pollution.JPG

FotE - New Air Pollution Map of England

How clean do you think your local air is? Our audit of the latest air quality reports has revealed that 1,360 sites across England have breached the government's air quality objectives for nitrogen dioxide – which is a danger to our health, and a huge source of climate-wrecking emissions.

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