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Above the Clouds

Causes for Concern

This page has articles or scientific information about anything which may be a cause for concern for the environment, the natural world or human health. If you have anything you would like to add to this page, please send through as a suggestion using the button below.


Plastics make our lives easier in many ways and are often lighter or cost less than alternative materials. However, if they are not properly disposed of or recycled, they may end up in the environment where they stay for centuries and degrade into smaller and smaller pieces. These small pieces (typically smaller than 5mm) are called microplastics and they are of concern.

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We have big news in the fight to keep England’s rivers and waterways safe from the dirty practices, and even dirtier sewage, of profit-hungry water companies. 

Good Law Project has been given permission to intervene in a crucial Court of Appeal case to try to prevent water companies from having near-total immunity to discharge sewage into England’s waterways.

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anti fog.PNG

Popular products that stop glasses & shields misting has soared considerably during the pandemic – but they could pose a health threat, researchers warn.

Sprays and cloths that promise to stop glasses fogging up while wearing a mask may contain high levels of potentially toxic chemicals, according to research by Duke University in the US.

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Household cleaning products, DIY products and cosmetics should carry warning labels, scientists have said, after research found they contain chemicals which significantly increase the risk of adults developing asthma.  

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