Eco Friendly Buildings

Area Boards

Area boards are an important part of the democratic process and it is important that climate change issues are considered in all the decisions that are made there. There are 18 area boards across Wiltshire and local people, town parish councillors, community groups and anybody who is interested in welcomed at these meetings. For more information about Area boards please visit Wiltshire Council's website on the following the LINK


In order to ensure that climate change is at the top of the agenda of each area board, the WCA is putting together a team of WCA representatives to attend their local area boards that meet every two months. The team of reps will meet every month to share what is happening at their area board so that we can learn from each other and share good ideas.


Our first 'Area Board Reps' meeting will be held on Tuesday 23rd March at 6.30pm. Please E mail Graham and Christian is you would like to know more about area boards and are considering joining the team of WCA area board reps.


Climate Outreach report 'Britain Talks Climate'  - How the British public view climate change

If you want to know how best to communicate the message about climate change, then we highly recommend reading this report which can be found on this link or view the video below. -Climate Outreach researchers have broken down the British Public into 7 segments (eg Conservative backbone or Loyal Nationals) and provide advice on what messages work for each group. The good news is that there is general consensus that climate change is real and that it needs to be tackled.