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WCA policies are unbiased, written by unpaid experts and founded on current research to guide organisations and government to achieve net zero carbon emissions in Wiltshire by 2030. 

February 2023


Onshore wind is one of the cheapest ways to generate electricity and can make a vital contribution towards UK energy independence and lower energy prices, as well as boosting the UK’s green economy. Expansion of onshore wind is essential for the UK to meet its legally binding net zero targets and enjoys strong public support. However, a small, vocal minority object to onshore wind, often raising misleading objections. In response to this minority, the Westminster government effectively banned new onshore wind turbines in England in 2015.


Following many years of campaigning from climate action groups, the government is finally consulting on whether that ban should be modified, but the consultation leaves open the possibility that barriers to sensible deployment of onshore wind could remain.


  • Wiltshire Climate Alliance urges members of the public to respond to this consultation (which closes on 2nd March), and we provide an easy response mechanism to guide responses.

  • We also ask Wiltshire Council to start preparing a meaningful planning framework for deployment of onshore wind in Wiltshire, which currently has no wind turbines.

  • We also encourage wind developers (once the ban is lifted) to engage with local communities, in particular looking at how the benefits of onshore wind can be shared with these communities.

Download and read our Onshore Wind Policy Paper here.

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Respond to the NPPF consultation by 2nd March

The NPPF consultation closes on 2nd March 2023.  The climate change campaign group ‘Possible’ has provided an easy-to-use response form on their website to enable anyone to send their comments on the NPPF consultation. You can edit and modify the response as you see fit, for example to say that you support onshore wind within Wiltshire

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Regen Onshore Wind Briefing

Regen, the independent centre of expertise on renewable energy generation, has produced a briefing paper on the onshore wind consultation which also contains their response to the consultation questions.

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WCA warmly welcomes solar


Wiltshire is ideally suited for the generation of solar power. It is already a great success story for the county – contributing approximately £1 million a year to the local economy, cutting carbon emissions and making energy cheaper. However its future development in Wiltshire has recently been threatened by changes to government policy and continues to be limited by lack of grid capacity.

Politicians and communities alike should support solar farms.

Download and read our solar energy policy paper here.

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Solar UK Briefing

Solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems are affordable, reliable, low impact, and popular. In 2021 they supplied more than 4% of the UK’s entire electricity demand, and this could treble by 2030. The many benefits of solar technology mean it can and must support the UK’s transition to a net zero economy. 1, 2 This briefing sets out the facts about solar and how it works, addressing some misconceptions about solar projects in the UK. 

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DEFRA Report - Food and Food Security

The UK Food Security Report (UKFSR) examines past, current, and predicted trends relevant to food security, to present the best available and impartial analysis of food security in the UK, and to lay the groundwork for future Food Security Reports. Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

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Solar Farms and Food Security

Claims that solar farms jeopardise the UK’s food security are false. The opposite is true, and this briefing explains the role of solar farms in supporting the UK’s food supply. It is intended to help members of the public, MPs, planning officials and others with an interest in countryside management to understand how solar energy fits into the UK’s land use needs. Solar Energy UK is available to discuss the topics in this briefing. .

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