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Volunteer Roles

The Wiltshire Climate Alliance has grown rapidly and we now need your help to keep up. If you would like to help make a difference please look at the volunteering opportunities below.

Volunteering  - Climate Change is an Emergency - We need your help !

Our membership has grown rapidly and we need your help to enable us to keep the momentum going! We are also starting to make plans for events and festivals. We all have different skills and there are so many ways in which people can become involved and help the cause. Whether you would like to help organise or be involved in events, can take notes at meetings, want to write articles, help with social media, fundraise or know a lot about a particular subject, there is a way you can help.

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Eco-nomist Researcher

The Business working group has started a project to find the largest climate impacting operations within the county. We have created a list of 50+ potential ‘Big Hitter’ firms suggested by our members and from wider business sources. The next task is to ‘do some research’ to investigate and understand how Wiltshire companies are managing their climate responsibilities and reporting their carbon footprint.


We are seeking a team of volunteer ‘Eco-nomist Researchers’ to carry out online research into the reported policy, strategy and actions of these firms to provide a snap-shot report on the current status of ‘Business Sustainability’ across the county.

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Admin & Topic group facilitation

Topic groups meet about once per month and in order to enable them to stay productive, they need someone to keep notes of actions at the meeting and send out agendas etc. You don't need to be an expert.. just willing to help! Please contact us if you feel that this volunteering is something you could do.

Day Party

Events Planner (festivals, conferences etc)

Hopefully lock-down and social distancing will not go on forever and we might be able to hold events and enjoy ourselves. Amongst other ideas we are considering putting on a festival later in the year on the lead up to COP26. We need help to organise these events. If you think you can help please contact Christian on 078 2525 38 48 or or EMAIL 

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We want to grow, we want to make a difference and we want to be able to keep going for as long as it takes! Whilst our volunteers do a great deal our ambitions are growing and we need funds to make things happen. We need help and are looking for people who are willing to explore funding options, fill out forms and use their knowledge to help raise funds. If you feel you can help please contact Christian on 078 2525 38 48 or or EMAIL 

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Holding authorities to account can be really hard work but the old saying that 'knowledge is power' is still very true. We need people who are willing to read through long reports are carry out the research needed to ensure that organisations do not get away with 'greenwashing'. If this is your thing then please do get in touch. The more researched we have the more able we will be to challenge organisations that contribute the most to climate change.

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WCA needs performing artistes! Some singers in Bradford on Avon and other areas want to start working towards post-pandemic times when we can meet and make music face-to-face again. There will be many and varied ways to tackle the Climate Emergency by performing. Our proposed COP26 Festival later in 2021 will be a great opportunity for all kinds of acts.


Please give us a shout if you or a member of your group is willing to join in as a:  * singer *  folkie * rocker * classical musician * , jazz or other musician * busker * arranger * choir leader * actor * comedian * dancer * roadie * producer/director * promoter or any other skill. Email to offer help or for more information.

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WCA needs visual artists! Our proposed COP26 Festival later in 2021 brings a chance to use art works of every kind, and other post-lockdown rallies and actions will be seeking banners, photo/video coverage and much more. 

We also urgently need a range of new commissioned photos to go with articles for our regular Wiltshire Times Environment page. 


If you or a member of your group would like to get together with others and help as a: * fine artist *  illustrator * graphic artist * cartoonist * photographer * calligrapher * sign writer * cartographer * photo editor * film/video maker * art administrator or any other skill, please E mail us to offer help or for more information.

Accounting Documents

Bookkeeper  - Our Treasurer needs some help!

Christian is our treasurer and he volunteered for the role one year ago when we only about 30 members! We now have over 350 so the job has grown a bit. He is also rather busy with some of the other aspects of keeping WCA growing (such as looking after this website and writing volunteer adds!) - So - if you are familiar with accounting stuff and would be happy to be involved, please do contact Christian by E mail

or call on 078 2525 3848


Social media manager

We need a volunteer to help us manage our growing social media pages. This is an opportunity for someone to get involved in creating images; writing content; planning and publishing posts; and managing interactions. This is also a chance for someone to participate in research by staying on top of discussion points and news announcements, which will influence what we are posting about.

The work will be across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and this volunteer will be supported and guided by members of the youth group, before taking on more ownership.

If you are interested, please email

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