Wiltshire Climate Alliance Members Meeting

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WCA All Members Meeting, Wed 1st June 2022

We very much look forward to seeing you at our next members meeting on Wednesday 1st June at 7pm.


If you are new to WCA or would like to ask questions then you are welcome to join the 'Welcome to WCA' meeting at the earlier time of 6pm (using the same zoom link).

Please register for joining details using the form below. If you are not yet a member of WCA you can use this link to sign up: you are able to join as a group or as an individual.

Missed the last meeting? Watch recordings of previous meetings here.

Register for All Members Meeting

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Look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

WCA Steering Group

Previous Meetings For Reference

May meeting

In this meeting, we discussed:

Energy strategy: further discussion on lobbying local and national politicians to take decisive actions on renewables and energy efficiency - including feedback from recent contacts with local MPs

More detail on the Westbury Incinerator: why the Strategic Planning Committee decided to defer the decision and how we can try to get it rejected at the next meeting
Business Engagement Group - Keith Freegard will give an update on progress engaging with major businesses around Wiltshire, challenging them to reduce their emissions

Progress with other Topic Groups, including our work on energy efficiency and retrofit, sustainable development, land use and transport


6pm - intro to WCA and informal chance to chat to steering group members and chat about climate issues

7pm - main meeting - draft agenda

1) Member catch up and idea sharing breakouts
2) Energy strategy and lobbying approach
3) Westbury Incinerator update
4) Business Engagement update
5) Topic group updates
6) Member group updates and feedback

April Meeting

The world has changed in the month since our last members' meeting. The Ukraine crisis has dramatically raised the profile of 'energy independence' through renewables and energy efficiency.  Let's work to make sure this finally results in meaningful action at local and national level.
In this meeting, we'll be discussing:

Our latest plans for a Youth Conference - our 2021 conference was a really high profile event and we are hoping for a similar success this year
Our new Business Engagement Group - Keith Freegard will give an update on how we plan to engage with major businesses around Wiltshire and challenge them to act on reducing their emissions - and how members and local member groups can help with this.  

Progress with our work on Green Homes and retrofit, including how local member groups can get involved, and how we intend to collaborate with similar groups to WCA in other counties, and also with the Centre for Sustainable Energy

Ideas for improving collaboration between local member groups, including the use of online collaboration tools.

As usual members will have a chance to share their own ideas and thoughts with other members.


6-7pm new members and informal forum
Please join if you want to find out more about WCA or if you're just wanting a chat about climate issues.  Use the same zoom link.

7pm full meeting
Please try to join by 7pm so we can start promptly.

1) Member catch up and idea sharing breakouts2) Energy independence
3) Youth conference update
4) Business Engagement update
5) Energy update: green homes/retrofit
6) Member group collaboration - online tools etc
7) Quick fire topic group updates

March 2022 Meeting and AGM


We’re at that time again, our annual review where we’ll be looking back at what’s happened over the past 12 months and also looking forward to plans for 2022.
AGM -Formal Stuff 
As a constituted group we are proposing a number of formal changes to make things work a little better, including some changes to our constitution, as listed in the agenda.

We then need you to re-elect your Steering Group. We would appreciate your help with this.

We put a call out for nominations for the steering group, particularly looking for a more diverse mix including more women and youth members - we will update on this at the meeting.

General Meeting
Topic Groups
After the AGM, we’ll be giving a flavour of how our various WCA Topic Groups have progressed over the past year and where they’re heading in 2022.

We’re also looking at potential working groups to look at the upcoming Local and Transport Plan consultations, an “open green homes” initiative, a youth group meeting with Councillors, and MP engagement.
Member Groups
It’s also a time when our Member groups can give us all a flavour of where they’ve journeyed: always a fascinating insight into community action in the County and wider, and giving an opportunity to
share experience and ideas that others can “borrow” for their local areas.

Meeting Details
Part 1 -AGM
a) Introduction and overview of 2021 
    Bill Jarvis, 2021 Convener
    Eva McHugh, 2021 Secretary
    Christian Lange, 2021 Treasurer

b) Constitution Changes
     1)  Steering Group numbers to be increased to 12. -VOTE
     2)  Existing “Convener” name for WCA lead to be changed to “Chair” -VOTE
     3)  WCA Chair to be a shared role with 2 joint chairs;
          held for a 6 monthly staggered basis -VOTE
     4)  Members to note, interim joint chairs from January 2022
          Bill Jarvis and Adam Walton 

c)  Election of Steering Group members
    1)  Steering group members re-election -VOTE
    2) Joint Chairs March-August 2022 -Adam Walton and Graham Martin -VOTE
   3) Joint Chairs September -November 2022 -Graham Martin and Christian Lange -VOTE
    4) Treasurer – Tess Gorman -VOTE
    5) Secretary -TBA
    6) Youth Co-Ordinator -TBA 

Part 2 General Meeting
1) Topic Groups Updates
2) Comfort Break 
3) Member Group update  
4) AOB

February 2022 Meeting


This one is all about the Council Climate Strategy, where it is, what's been done and what do we do about it.

This month Wiltshire Council Cabinet received the final version of the Climate Strategy along with some background on the key issues that the Council have been working on.

This link takes you to the public reports pack issued to Cabinet.  The section on the Climate Strategy starts at page 451. Please don't get put off by the bulk of the document (apologies we haven't extracted this section!).

It is worth looking through as you quickly get a flavour of what the Council has done and where it intends to go.

The conclusion on the public survey, carried out by the Climate team as a part of the Strategy Consultation,  is extremely encouraging, as long as the Cabinet have the will to listen and make it happen. 
Meeting Focus
So, we'll try to brief you on this, then look at the q&a with Cabinet the day before and also feedback from questions asked directly of Nick Botterill, the Cabinet member charged with responding to the Climate Emergency.

We'll also take a look at a survey carried out by Climate Emergency UK that provides a scorecard of UK Councils Climate Emergency progress. Wiltshire sits no 5 in the rankings!!! 

We'll then run through where we are with planning for the next Full Council meeting on 15th February 

Meeting details 
6-7pm new members and informal forum:
Please join if you want to find out more about WCA or if you're just wanting a chat about climate issues.  Use the same zoom link.

7pm full meeting:
Please try to get in on or before, as we'll start prompt at 7pm

  1. Wiltshire Council Strategy

    1. Highlights and lowlights of the report to Cabinet and the issued strategy

    2. Feedback from yesterday’s Cabinet meeting

    3. Feedback from questions through Nick Botterill

  2. Breakout  

    1. what questions -to Climate Team/Climate Task group/Cabinet lead on Strategy

    2. what more action should WCA take on Strategy development

  3. Climate Emergency UK County carbon scorecards –

    1. debate on scorecards and

    2.  any actions

  4. 15th February -Full Council Meeting

    1. Update on planning for 15th and Rally

    2. Possible questions in Council Chamber

    3. Plans for the Rally

  5. AGM 2nd March