Wiltshire Climate Alliance Members Meeting

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Wiltshire Climate Alliance - All Members Meeting 

Wed 2 June 2021 @7pm

We very much look forward to seeing you at our next members meeting on Wed 2 June. There will be updates on key big WCA projects, short presentations on the economics of climate change mitigation, plus breakouts to catch up with fellow members and discuss these topics.


There will be an introductory pre-meet at 6pm for new members or anyone who would like to ask questions, plus the opportunity to stay around afterwards and chat.


Draft agenda:

  1. WCA projects, including

  2. The Economics of tackling Climate Change: short presentations (more details below):​

    • Doughnut Economics, Nick Aslett

    • Government Finance, Emma Dawnay

    • Incentivising consumers, Judy Hindley

If you would like to attend our all members meeting then register using the form below. If you are not yet a member of WCA you can use this link to sign up, you are able to join as a group or as an individual. 

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Doughnut economics, carbon tax and dividend, community bonds and why we need them to address ever increasing carbon emissions.

How do all these help us deliver a greener world?

Nick Aslett, Emma Dawnay and Judy Hindley will be bringing these subjects to life, showing how relevant they are to all we are trying to do to address the climate challenge.


Nick will be taking a look at Doughnut Economics, “Between social and planetary boundaries lies an environmentally safe and socially just space in which humanity can thrive (Kate Raworth)”.

Nick has lived in Bradford on Avon for over 20 years. Economics  has been a lifelong interest. and sees it as central to delivering (or not) fair and sustainable communities.

Emma will be talking about why paying 'more' to be climate and nature friendly should be no problem for governments.

Emma is a board member of 'Modernising Money' (Swiss NGO), a core team member of the Green House Think Tank and has worked at the New Economics Foundation.

And Judy will give the lowdown on carbon tax and dividend, how consumers can be incentivised to cut their emissions. “Citizens’ Climate Lobby uses democracy to promote the quickest, fairest, most effective first step in tackling climate change”.

Judy is a writer, co-founded Marlborough Climate Pledge and co-founded Citizens’ Climate Lobby UK.