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Notes from previous meetings:

17th November 2020  LINK

16th December 2020  LINK

19th January 2021  LINK

16th Feb 2021  LINK 

See below for more presentations and videos from previous meetings.

Next meeting: 7.00pm 15th June 2021

Proposed agenda:

  1. Welcome and introductions

  2. Updates on recently discussed topics, including community energy, retrofit and EV car clubs 

  3. Future direction and roles for Energy Topic Group 

  4. AOB and topics for next meeting (20 July)

Adam Walton

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​At the meeting on 16th March we had the pleasure of receiving a superb presentation by Bean Beanland a true Heat Source Pump Evangelist! Here is the link to the slides We recorded the meeting which can be seen on this LINK 

Click on image to access the video

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Community energy groups across England can benefit from a new peer support programme, launched today (22 February 2021). 

Experienced community energy mentors will be matched with existing community energy groups to help them develop their project or business. Up to 4 days of peer mentoring support is available taking place between March and September 2021. 

Full details here:

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Now you can subscribe to an electric car - Interesting Article

You’ve already got a monthly Netflix subscription, and maybe a veg box delivery service. So why wouldn’t you start leasing an electric car on the same month-to-month terms?

A number of firms are now offering this fresh take on driving, effectively giving people a chance to try electric vehicles without the commitment of buying or entering a lengthy leasing agreement.

Read the article Here

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Recording of the talk by SSE - 16th Feb 21

On 16th February Alex from SSE kindly came to our meeting and have a presentation on the work they are doing. It is very interesting. You can view the Zoom on the LINK

And view the slides on this LINK

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This is where you will find lots of very interesting documents under the following headings:

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Here you will find a whole section on electric cars which many of our members find particularly interesting

At the October meeting we were very fortunate to have two excellent talks. The first was by Dr. Nick Murry about Zero Chippenham's Solar PV Preferred supplier scheme. The second was from Pete Capener, CEO of Bath & West Community Energy. The video of Pete's very interesting talk can be seen below.