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Sustainable Energy

Energy - Other interesting stuff

This is where you will find interesting documents about Energy which don't fit neatly into the other categories. Do let us know if you find something that is interesting by clicking on the 'suggestions box below


Solar Together - Info Pack

Bath & North East Somerset Council are running a really great solar scheme, here you can find out information about it.

Information Pack

PV Spec Sheet

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Warm & Green Homes Webinar -26th Nov 2020 - 7.30

An introduction to the top retrofitting priorities for a warm, eco-friendly home, plus information on costs, grants and other support. With a particular focus on the Government's Green Home Grants scheme. Sign up HERE.

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Ecotricity founder to grow diamonds 'made entirely from the sky'

A British multi-millionaire and environmentalist has set out plans to create thousands of carats of carbon-negative, laboratory-grown diamonds every year “made entirely from the sky”.

The “green technology first” uses carbon dioxide captured directly from the atmosphere to form the diamonds – which are chemically identical to diamonds mined from the earth – using wind and solar electricity, with water collected from rainfall.

Read the Guardian article HERE

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Regen report - The decarbonisation of Heat

The UK’s commitment to net zero carbon requires a transformation in the way in which energy is generated, distributed and consumed. As a key enabler of decarbonisation the energy industry is being asked to rise to the decarbonisation challenge and will need to achieve rapid and dramatic change. The big question is whether the industry, working with its stakeholders, will be able to do this? And if so, what new technologies, policies and business models will be required to enable radical change?

Click HERE to view the report

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Carbon Intensity API - shows 'real time' figures  on how much carbon is in the electricity we are using.

Everyone can cut their CO2 emissions significantly from grid electricity usage by regularly checking, then planning when to use white goods/chargers through the day

The “Regional Section” of this web site shows Wiltshire electricity is either Solar of Gas – well worth really thinking about that … we need wind power here in Wiltshire.

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