Find people who are happy to share their experience of making their homes greener

Sometimes it's good to chat with people who've done it!

Sometimes it's hard to know where to start. Wouldn't be great if you could just talk to friendly and helpful person who has been there before and knows exactly what it feels like! This is what this page is all about.
The WCA has lots of members who are keen to share their experience and stories of trying to make their homes more sustainable with the aim of achieving a zero carbon footprint. It is often a steep learning curve and there is nothing quite like talking to someone who has been there before. Many people who have been through that journey are keen to help others along the way and this is very much what the WCA is about. 

The list of people shown below will most probably not be 'experts' but may be able to talk through some of the issues and may be willing to show you what they have done. They may be able to provide details of suppliers that they would recommend (or just as importantly, those to avoid)

The people listed below have nothing to gain apart from the satisfaction of helping people to feel more confident about making their homes greener. Please feel free to click on the 'click here' button under each name and it will enable you to send an E mail to that person. We suggest that you send them a message with you contact phone number so that they can call for a friendly chat which we hope you will find super-helpful!

If you would be willing to share your learning as shown below please send us you details HERE

We are also collecting information to help and inspire people to do their own projects, and hope to eventually hold 'Open Green Homes' days where people will be invited into homes to see what can be done! Intial information is presented HERE. If you join the WCA we will be able to send you updates as this prgresses.

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Jason- Air source heat pump and solar PV - North Wilts

I have retrofitted an ASHP to replace my gas combi boiler on my 1820's terraced house located in a conservation area. The ASHP provides hot water and heating via a mixture of steel radiators and under floor heating. In 2005 I installed a small PV system that generates 1.14KWH peak.

I am happy to be contacted to share my experience on these systems. Click HERE to send me an E mail

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Christian - Salisbury & Stonehenge Area  - Heat Pump, Solar and EV

Hi. We converted the barn we live in back in 1999 which was a big learning curve for us. In about 2011 we fitted some PV solar panels that are still going well. We invested in our first Nissan Leaf EV at about the same time which we occasionally use to power the house. In 2020 we fitted an Air Source Heat pump and whilst we are very happy with it, I wish I had spoken to more independent people beforehand as I would have done things slightly differently. I am more than happy to share my experiences with anybody who is thinking about retrofitting their homes. Click HERE to send me a message

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Nick - Chippenham Area - List of topics eg Solar

Nick Murry is one of our steering group members and is a professional Sustainability Consultant, University Lecturer, local councillor and volunteer. His full bio can be seen on the LINK. Nick was heavily involved in setting up the Zero Chippenham Community Solar panel scheme and is happy to be contacted if you would like advice about setting up similar schemes.


Click HERE to send Nick a message 

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Adrian - Aiming for Household with Zero Carbon Footprint - Chippenham area

“DIY has been my antidote to stressful hard work through my professional career as an electronics engineer. Starting aged 14, I’ve inhabited, stripped and renovated five old family homes 1680 to 1975; one listed, two thatched. I DIY everything except plastering & certification. I’ve always worked on one room a time with an average rate of one room per year. I’m happy to show&chat over a coffee about a range of household carbon reduction steps from £0(easy) to DIY(big) and share my experience of Professional installs. -

Read more with useful links HERE

Click HERE to contact Adrian

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Ben - Sherston, North Wilts - Air source Heat Pump. 

Ben is on the committee of Sustainable Sherston and is a Parish Councillor.  Ben lives in a village without gas so was especially keen to replace an oil boiler.  He had an ASHP fitted to provide heating and hot water, including increasing the size of five radiators.  

Click HERE to contact Ben

Julian - Swindon - External Wall Insulation on Terraced House


A few years ago when a generous grant towards the project was available I got external wall insulation fitted to a terraced house with rear extension. The bulk of the work was done within a 2-week period and total cost before grant was around £5k.

I previously worried a lot about the type of insulation to use, but in the end I took the pragmatic approach to fit in with the grant scheme and went for 100cm of EPS (expanded polystyrene). I was pleased with the result but there are some things I'd have done slightly differently in retrospect, and of course more to be done!

I'm happy to discuss my experience and the future work I'm planning and local contacts I'm aware of, email me here and lets talk.

Next person - Area they are from - List of topics eg Solar

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A bit of history and what you can talk about - Something that will encourage people to contact you for a chat to demystify whatever they are planning do or retrofit. No more text than can fit in this box please.. 

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