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OK.. so you have reached 'Insulation' but that also has loads of different sections! Just click on the energy generation bit that you are looking for.

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Warm & Green Homes Webinar -26th November - 7.30

An introduction to the top retrofitting priorities for a warm, eco-friendly home, plus information on costs, grants and other support. With a particular focus on the Government's Green Home Grants scheme. Sign up HERE.

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Govt's New Home Deal a Flop? - Interesting article by Money Saving Expert

The new Green Homes Grant scheme is one of the Government's flagship Covid-recovery job-creation schemes, promising homeowners in England up to £5,000 free towards energy efficiency improvements. Yet it is being branded a massive flop by founder Martin Lewis on the back of feedback and his snapshot Twitter poll, which lays bare problems with the scheme. 

The Green Homes Grant, which opened at the end of September, gives vouchers to homeowners in England to help cover the cost of energy efficient improvements such as low-carbon heating systems and insulation. 

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