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Memorandum by A36/A350 Corridor Alliance (TYP 48)


Wiltshire road campaigning was in full swing twenty years ago! Follow this link to a very readable statement written by veteran activist Patrick Kinnersly, which was an appendice to the minutes of the Select Committee on Transport, Local Government and the Regions.  Patrick says, "The people did not actually ask for this: in Wiltshire's local transport plan consultation, stakeholders put new roads at the bottom of a list of seven priorities, with investment in public transport at the top." How much has really changed?

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Threatened Bats Threaten Damaging A350 Bypass and Housing at Yarnbrook

Wiltshire Council's A350 upgrade plans and highway-friendly transport policies threaten the 2030 Carbon neutral commitment in its climate resolution, so it is interesting to get news from White Horse Alliance secretary and veteran campaigner Patrick Kinnersly, who spearheaded the defeat of the damaging Westbury Eastern Bypass,  that another piece of the council's jigsaw puzzle is turning up missing, according to November 2020 admissions by Paddy Bradley, CEO of the Swindon and Wiltshire Local Economic Partnership (SWLEP). The problem: disregarding a threatened species. Read more.

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New evidence of Andrew Nicolson, MSc, Wiltshire


This is the version of Andrew's research article that he sent to the Secretary of State for Transport just before the decision to approve the A303 Stonehenge scheme on 12 November 2020. Andrew has been using original tools to confirm that 'rubbernecking' - drivers who slow down when distracted by the view of Stonehenge - is a major cause of the traffic hold-ups, and could be regulated by low-impact screening, so building the £2Bn twin bored tunnels is taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut. To read his excellent article go HERE


Chippenham Urban Expansion HIF Bid

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