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Being Greener
LEAF's Fun Open Day for the whole Family - Saturday 9th April
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We hope that you have been enjoying the event at Langford Lake. On this page you will be able to download some of the documents on display at the event. 


So... what's happening! 

'Being greener' was an Open Day aimed at people just starting to learn about how to live a more sustainable life and who want a simple guide. The talks are all by members of LEAF, the Local Environment Action Friends, who are ordinary people with day jobs. They do not pretend to be experts but are sharing what they have learned from their experience.


Recycling and Avoiding Waste

This presentation will help you understand why recycling matters, what to avoid and how to be effective at minimising waste in your household.

Click HERE to download the Banishing Waste presentation prepared by Julie Strawson


Community Composting

Save the planet .. one bucket at a time

Click HERE to download the Community Composting presentation 



Greener Gardening and Growing

This presentation will help you learn ways to be a greener gardener by Rev. Jonathan Plows and Anika Lange.

Click HERE to download the Greener Gardening and Growing  presentation

Click HERE to download a list of very useful links.


Reducing your Carbon Footprint

These documents will help you learn ways to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Click HERE to download the reduce your carbon footprint presentation prepared by Martin Grinsted and Callie Barlow

Click HERE to download the hand-out with useful links


Sustainable Fashion & Beauty

This presentation suggests ways to make changes in fashion and beauty.

Click HERE to download the Sustainable Fashion and Beauty prepared by Callie Barlow - Eco Mama.


Local Conservation and Biodiversity

This presentation is about local sites of conservation interest.

Click HERE to download Local Conservation and Biodiversity talk prepared by Sarah Grinsted.

Learn how LEAF is actively surveying and running conservation projects.


Himalayan Balsam in Grovely Wood – volunteers needed!

We hope to run three or four work parties in 2022 to remove invasive Himalayan balsam from Grovely Woods. This will likely continue in 2023 and 2024.

Dates for 2022 are:

Saturday 11th June

Saturday 23rd July

Saturday 27th August

Saturday 24th September

Further details, including meeting places, are available from Sarah Grinsted at or look out on the LEAF Facebook page.

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