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Eco Friendly Buildings

Engagement and Outreach 

The Engagement and outreach group last met on 10th Feb and further developed a table of actions which can be seen on this LINK. This topic group is about looking at the best way to reach out to the community to help them bring about positive change to tackle climate change. This will include the following:

  • Working to influence business to reduce carbon emissions 

  • Looking at ways to engage with all parts of the community to highlight the risks of climate change

  • To look at ways to get more people involve with the WCA

  • Anything else out get the message out there

The Engagement and Outreach topic group is having a short break over the summer. If you are interested in joining when it starts back up again, please complete the form below and you will be notified!

Climate Outreach report 'Britain Talks Climate'  - How the British public view climate change

If you want to know how best to communicate the message about climate change, then we highly recommend reading this report which can be found on this link or view the video below. -Climate Outreach researchers have broken down the British Public into 7 segments (eg Conservative backbone or Loyal Nationals) and provide advice on what messages work for each group. The good news is that there is general consensus that climate change is real and that it needs to be tackled.  

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