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This page provides WCA members with a selection places to find interesting data. This section will include links to websites our members have found useful as well as reports which include a lot of data. It is a work in progress and we welcome suggestions from members of the WCA - please send us any by clicking on the button below. 

Westbury Incinerator.webp

This is where we have placed all the interesting document and campaigns about the Westbury Incinerator.

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This is where we have placed all the interesting document and campaigns about the Chippenham Urban Expansion HIF bid.

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Temporary reduction in daily global CO2 emissions during the COVID-19 forced confinement

This study published in the journal Nature Climate Change is well worth a read.  Prof Corinne Le Quéré of the University of East Anglia led the analysis and discusses the main findings in the video below.

Screenshot 2020-06-23 at 10.18.47.png

Carbon intensity website - Really interesting and Easy to Understand

This is a really interesting website which talks about how much carbon has been used to make the electricity we use. We can make a big difference to our household footprint when we understand where our electricity comes from. The video shown below was lifted from the website where you van find lots of other interesting stuff. Visit their website https://carbonintensity.org.uk/

Climate levels website

The Global Climate Measurement Data shows just how serious the climate situation currently is. Self-learning about what drives these measurements will help your campaigning effectiveness and teach you a great deal about our beautiful world. The site is very simple in that it just contains a number of graphs that you can play around with. Have fun and explore the data!


FOe pollution.JPG

FotE - New Air Pollution Map of England

How clean do you think your local air is? Our audit of the latest air quality reports has revealed that 1,360 sites across England have breached the government's air quality objectives for nitrogen dioxide – which is a danger to our health, and a huge source of climate-wrecking emissions.

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