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Interesting Stuff - Campaigns

This page provides WCA members with a list of campaigns that are being run across the county. Do let us know if you have a local campaign that you would like the WCA to support - please send us any by clicking on the button below. 

Westbury Incinerator.webp

This is where we have placed all the interesting document and campaigns about the Westbury Incinerator.

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The UK government looks set to approve a new oil field in the North Sea.

The Cambo oil field will produce climate pollution equal to 18 coal-fired power plants running for a year. Humanity is on code red and the government can’t allow this project to go ahead if we are to halt climate destruction.

Let’s tell our MPs to write to Boris Johnson.

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Object to the Damask Way development application, (20/07214/REM) which plans to build on a traditional meadow. Since then the hay cutting /sheep grazing didn’t take place which gave us a chance to see its real diversity and beauty which we hope are illustrated in the images linked below.


Damask Meadow Image 1

Damask Meadow Image 2

Damask Meadow Image 3

Damask Meadow Image 4

Botanical Survey


This is where we have placed all the interesting document and campaigns about the Chippenham Urban Expansion HIF bid.

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A property developer has submitted proposals to Wiltshire Council to build 1,200 new houses on the beautiful green fields next to Salisbury Road.

Join the campaign to fight these proposals and tell Wiltshire Council that this development is unnecessary and unwanted by local residents. For more information read:

Here are the best ways to help this campaign:

Here are reasons you might like to use in your correspondence:

  • That development at Viney’s Farm would be environmentally unsustainable, would damage biodiversity on the site (particularly birds, and the River Avon), and would impact local services;

  • That you hope that the council will commit to doing very thorough environmental, archaeological, and heritage studies of the sites before making any decisions;

  • And ask whether such a large site could be put in the plan at this stage, or would it mean that the entire plan would have to be delayed a year, or potentially be legally unsound because of lack of public consultation.

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