Missed a meeting? Watch back here!

Below you will find a library of previously recorded meetings so that you can catch up on missed members meetings or download zoom chats.  Some of the meetings have been edited down to keep the re-cap as short as possible without losing any important content. 


We will look to record all members meetings in the future, if you would like to join the meeting but are not comfortable with being recorded you can simply turn off your camera and you will not show on our recording. Register to take part in our next meeting.


If you have any questions or would like to speak to us about this, please email contact@wiltshireclimatealliance.org.uk

4th May 2022 - All Members Meeting

2nd March 2022 - All Members Meeting



  1. Introduction and overview of 2021 

  2. Convener, Secretary & Treasurer

  3. Constitution Changes

  4. Election of Steering Group members


  1. Topic Groups Updates

  2. Member Group update  

  3. AOB

2nd February 2022 - All Members Meeting


  1. Wiltshire Council Strategy

  2. Feedback from questions through Nick Botterill

  3. What questions -to Climate Team/Climate Task group/Cabinet lead on Strategy

  4. What more action should WCA take on Strategy delivery

  5. Climate Emergency UK County carbon scorecards –

  6. 15th February - Full Council Meeting

  7. AGM 2nd March

5th January 2022 - All Members Meeting


  1. Catch up on Climate Strategy progress

  2. Planning for 1st and 15th February

  3. WCA SG review of workshop outcomes

  4. New Year resolutions for WCA and all of us

  5. Topic group meetings January 2022 -plans

  6. Next meetings

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