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Wiltshire Climate Alliance Meeting with Wiltshire MPs 

22nd January 2021 at 4PM

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Wiltshire Climate Alliance - Meeting with Wiltshire MPs - 22 January 2021 at 4pm

The WCA is delighted to be organising a zoom meeting with Wiltshire MPs. This is your opportunity to discuss a variety of environmental issues directly with your MP. The meeting is due to be held January 22nd @4pm.

So far only John Glen MP has confirmed that he will attend and unfortunately some others have declined the invite. Please contact your local MP to explain that it is important for them to listen to our concerns about Climate Change and encourage them to attend this zoom meeting also. Here is an example letter; Feel free to send something similar to your own MP.

We are very pleased that Cllr Richard Clewer has agreed to attend so he will also be able to explain what is needed from Central Govt to enable them to create a greener future for Wiltshire.

Here is a list of topics that will be discussed:

  • The changes to the planning process,

  • Pressure from central government to build, build, build

  • Requirements for ever more roads with no obvious overall integrated travel and transport policies to inform local government

  • Short term provision of support for “green” initiatives, with little obvious long-term planning

  • Progress on the Local Electricity Bill


It would be amazing to have a large attendance to this zoom meeting as it will show the MP’s that climate and environmental issues are important to Wiltshire constituents! So, whether your local MP is attending or not, please consider joining to show your support.

Register to take part using this link

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