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Wiltshire Council Guidance for public participation at public meeting 

Wiltshire Council’s central policy is Economic Growth.  To change this to Climate and Ecological Emergency Action, the Council need to hear - loud and clear - that Wiltshire residents care more about the future of the planet, than economic growth.  WCA wants to help Wiltshire’s climate-aware groups Act Together - showing our councillors we care about our environment and building pressure for policy change.  


Within your group there are experts in the areas you care about most.  You can make your voices heard regularly in Cabinet and at Full Council public meetings in the ‘Public Questions and Statements’ section at the start.  WCA are providing a folder for each public Cabinet and Full Council meeting into which questions and statements from you or your group can be added.  This will: ensure the environment is highlighted in every meeting, help avoid repetition, generate a resource of Council answers to our questions and remind us we are not lone voices!


WCA can help you understand the process and timeframe for submitting questions or statements (which can be written or even read out in person).  We ask that your group collate a series of questions on a particular theme and that one member from your group commits to submit one question from this series at consecutive council meetings. Before moving onto questions on another theme.


In addition to the public section at the start of meetings, three slots are given per agenda item for public questions or statements related to the item.  On occasion, in addition to filling the public section at the start, WCA will co-ordinate our members to populate agenda item slots with related climate or ecology questions.  The Full Council meeting on 21 July is one of those occasions – lets demand it’s a green Recovery Plan, not a turbo-charged version of ‘Business as Usual’.


Record the date and contact us now to add your voice.

If you have any queries about the process mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact us using this button