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Climate Change Rally - Trowbridge Civic Centre Tuesday 21st February 09.00 to 12.00

The next full Wiltshire Council meeting is being held on 21st February 2023. This February will also mark the 4th anniversary of Wiltshire Council acknowledging that there is a climate emergency. This is our opportunity to make sure the councillors know we care and that they need to consider the climate in every decision they make!


So... what's happening! 

This will be our fouth rally where our members groups and individuals come together in Trowbridge to request the council to take effective and urgent action on Climate Change. 

Member group update

One of the ways WCA has challenged Wiltshire Council to action on climate change is by holding them publicly to account at their February Council meetings. 
We chose this to highlight the Council's commitment, made in 2019, to seek to make a carbon-neutral county by 2030.
It has always been a peaceful and family-friendly encounter, with Councillors explaining their plans

Come and join our parade to County Hall,
banners and placards flying
Hear from Councillors on their Climate progress
Get together to share thoughts and ideas

09:00 -09:15 gather at Trowbridge train station. Please gather off the platform
09:15- start strolling to County Hall 
09:30 -County Hall -Groups tell their stories
09:45-10:10 -Councillors speak
10:15-11:00 -Groups continue- share ideas and plans
11:00 -leave site. Plenty of cafés in Trowbridge if you want to continue chatting with friends.

Car parks at the station, by Asda, and at County Hall.
If you want further information, advice on getting there, or any other issue, you can get hold of us at contact
OR ring Bill Jarvis on 07818 414842

We're looking forward to seeing you there.

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Member group update

We are asking each member group to nominate someone to take to the microphone and provide the following:

  •  Information about their group and what it does

  •  Plans for the group over the year ahead

  •  And most importantly – what do we want Wiltshire Council to do!

Please Contact US if you would like to talk at the rally

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Be seen ... be heard!

  • Please just come along! It would be great if you can make a banner or message that will be noticed. If you any ideas for banners please send them in on this LINK

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Samba and more

  • We hope that the superb Samba band will be making a return and there may well be a special musical guest making an appearance... (can't say too much right now!)

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