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Make your vote count for climate and nature in the general election

Updated: Jun 24

The general election on 4th July comes at the most critical time for our survival. This may sound extreme, but we have only a few more years until 2030 to turn the tide on climate change and protect the natural world we depend on for our survival.

Your vote can make a difference

Polling suggests that many of the eight Wiltshire and Swindon constituencies are very close, with less than 2,000 votes between the top two candidates. Recent boundary changes and changes in national sentiment mean that previously safe seats are now likely to be closely contested.

Find out where your candidates stand on climate and nature issues

We've looked into the candidates standing in all eight constituencies in Wiltshire and Swindon to find out what we can about where they stand on climate and nature issues, as well as who is most likely to win according to polling. We've included analysis by Friends of the Earth on the policies of the four parties with MPs in the last Parliament, analysis by Vote Climate on the Parliamentary voting record of current MPs and which candidates have pledged to support the Climate and Nature Bill.

For some constituencies we've also delved a bit deeper to see what they say on the issues on their websites and social media.


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