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Wiltshire Climate Alliance is an umbrella organisation for different groups to come together to campaign for action on climate change. The alliance welcomes a wide variety of groups and individuals whose common characteristic is that they care passionately about the challenges of climate change and the impact of human activity on the environment. We know that we are stronger together. 

Taking action together

Wiltshire Climate Alliance was established to bring groups and individuals together in order to take action on climate change and environmental damage. We come together to influence the way in which decisions are made by our councils and key organisations. We aim to increase awareness across Wiltshire and will support those who are working to promote initiatives that improve our environment.

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How has Wiltshire Council progressed in the past 2 years since acknowledging the Climate Emergency? Find out HERE 

The Wiltshire Climate Alliance is a newly formed network of groups and individuals in Wiltshire who joined forces to mark the 1-year anniversary on 25 February in Trowbridge of Wiltshire Council acknowledging a climate emergency.  The long-term vision of The WCA is to support Wiltshire in becoming carbon neutral by 2030. In order to fulfil the vision, the WCA aims to facilitate communication and mutual support between and among its members, and to enable the planning, co-ordination and carrying out of joint events, initiatives and campaigns, particularly within Wiltshire whilst working with local authorities wherever possible.

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"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

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