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Wiltshire Climate Alliance is an umbrella organisation for different groups to come together to campaign for action on climate change. The alliance welcomes a wide variety of groups and individuals whose common characteristic is that they care passionately about the challenges of climate change and the impact of human activity on the environment. We know that we are stronger together. read more

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The Oxford School of Climate Change - Educational Courses


The School of Climate Change is returning for its 9th edition starting 18th January. Taught over 9 weeks, this is a comprehensive ‘Climate 101’ course taught by some of Oxford University’s most distinguished climate experts, bringing participants from all over the world for the unique opportunity to learn about the core science, policy, and politics of climate change. The programme is designed so that it delivers the interdisciplinary knowledge necessary for successful climate action, whilst remaining accessible to individuals from all backgrounds.  ​

The course costs only £10 but if this is not affordable, they have a ‘no-questions-asked’ financial hardship box that you can tick on our online application form.

For more information and to sign up, CLICK THIS LINK.


The Oxford School of Climate Change - Educational Courses


The Environment Bill is returning to the House of Commons for what could be final revisions. Now is a crucial time to ask your MP to support proposed amendments to strengthen this bill.

For full details and an easy way to email your MP about protecting ancient woodlands, see this Woodland Trust campaign .

And do please support Friends of the Earth - Environment Bill Asks too!

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Solar Farms​ - Urgent Supporting Comments Needed!


Solar farms are the most important way Wiltshire can capture renewable energy. When well-sited on low-quality agricultural land and surrounded by trees, they increase biodiversity value compared to grazing pasture, and nature can flourish between and under the rows of panels.

Three new 50MW farms are currently up for planning consideration. They would increase Wiltshire’s solar PV capacity by 25% and power over 45,000 homes, making a major contribution to achieving Wiltshire’s net zero carbon targets. They would be near existing infrastructure such as the motorway, pylons and substations, and not in specific areas of natural beauty. Please could you look at our information and links to comment forms and consider submitting supportive comments to Wiltshire Council?


Surveys show majority support but comments to date on the planning applications are mainly from a minority of objectors. One application has already been re-submitted with many panels removed, due to complaints that they would be visible from certain angles, and this substantially reduces its capacity to provide power in the important morning and evening periods. The green companies developing these schemes need our support to get them through the planning system.

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"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

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