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General Election 2024

Make your vote count for nature and climate

The general election on 4th July comes at the most critical time for our survival.

This may sound extreme, but we have only a few more years until 2030 to turn the tide on climate change and protect the natural world we depend on for our survival.

Your vote in Wiltshire or Swindon on 4th July can make a difference, here's why:

A few votes could swing the result

Polling suggests that six of the seven Wiltshire and Swindon constituencies are very close, with less than 2,000 votes between the top two candidates. Recent significant border changes mean that previously safe seats are now likely to be closely contested.

You are not alone!

According to polling 60% of 1119 people sampled in Wiltshire think that climate change is the biggest threat to civilisation - and climate concerns are amongst the top five concerns of voters in the UK. If we all vote for candidates who stand the best chance of tackling the threat they are likely to be elected.

Candidates are listening

More than ever candidates are responding to voters concerns on climate and nature issues. For example over 25% of candidates in the UK have already backed the Climate and Nature Bill - A bold, new, joined-up, science-led, people-powered law.

Find candidates and voting predictions for your constituency

Not sure which constituency you are in? check here

Wiltshire and Swindon General Election News

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