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Voting for the climate and nature in South West Wiltshire

Find out about Wiltshire South West predictions and where general election candidates stand on climate and nature issues here. We aim to give factual and impartial information.You can also find events to meet your candidates here.

Who are the candidates in South West Wiltshire?

  • Evelyn Akoto - Labour Party

  • Thomas Culshaw - Independent

  • Garry Irvin - Reform UK

  • Andrew Murrison - Conservative and Unionist Party

  • Bret Palmer - Liberal Democrats

  • James Adam Robertson Ernest Ward - Independent

  • Fay Whitfield - Green Party

Where do candidates stand on climate and nature issues?

Who has the greenest party policies?

Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace analysed the Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green party manifestos and current policies to see where they stand on climate, nature and the environment. The Green Party scored highest with 39 out of a maximum 40 points, followed by the Liberal Democrats (31.5) then Labour (20.5 points). The Conservatives had the lowest score with just 5 points.

How did candidates vote on climate issues in parliament?

Analysis of parliamentary votes by Vote Climate found that Andrew Murrison (Conservative) had the opportunity to vote in favour of climate action on 30 occassions, he voted against climate action 25 times, in favour twice and didn't vote 3 times. Other candidates weren't assessed as they haven't previously been an MP.

Who has backed the Climate and Nature Bill?

Only Fay Whitfield (Green Party) has pledged their support, all other Wiltshire South West candidates have not declared their support so far.

This bill is one way candidates can show their support for climate and nature issues. The bill proposes new UK legislation addressing the full extent of the climate and nature crisis based on the most up-to-date science. 25% of candidates have already backed the bill in the UK.

Find out more and ask other candidates to sign here

Who has a realistic chance of winning?


According to Electoral Calculus the two parties with the highest chance of winning this seat are Labour and Conservative - estimated votes are shown in the chart (last updated 28-June). There is large uncertainty illustrated by the grey bars, and the result relies on people actually voting when many may not.

We show this chart because it is important information to consider under our current First Past The Post voting system.

Find out more about South West Wiltshire candidates

 You can find out more about the candidates here and find contact details to raise climate and nature issues with them.

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