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WCA Local Election's Candidates Debate - 15th April - 7PM

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WCA Election Debate - 15th April - 7PM

Wiltshire Climate Alliance hosted an online debate for the Wiltshire leaders of the main political parties, ahead of the local elections on 6 May. 


The debate focused on climate change and sustainability.  Wiltshire Council voted in February 2019 to acknowledge the climate emergency and to seek to make Wiltshire zero carbon by 2030. 


The outcome of this election will determine whether or not the Council succeeds in delivering this ambitious but essential goal.  The newly elected Council will be responsible for finalising the climate strategy and implementing a plan of action to deliver massive carbon reductions, in line with the requirements of the UK Climate Change Act and international commitments under the Paris Agreement.  In this debate, WCA invited the party leaders to set out their ambitions for tackling climate change and what they intend to do if elected.


The format of the event was as follows:

  • Each leader had 3 minutes to say what they think of Wiltshire Council’s progress since it acknowledged the climate emergency two years ago, and what they would do to ensure effective action to address the climate emergency in Wiltshire if re-elected.

  • Leaders then replied to around five questions, which were provided to them before the event to allow them to prepare

  • They then engaged in an open Q&A discussion for members of the public to ask supplementary questions of all candidates.


The event is available to view on facebook here and we will issue a press release summarising the discussion.  We hope this will be an engaging way to help the electorate decide which party and candidate to support.


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