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WCA Update 24th July

Hi all, we’re planning a number of online events( Zoom) in the next few weeks
We would love you to join us and give your ideas on where to next with WCA.

Tree planting
But first, WC Task Climate Group are meeting are meeting on 28th at 2:30pm to discuss tree planting and its potential role in carbon capture. The  Woodland Trust will be there.

They have asked if WCA can field a representative, preferably someone who has experience.
They’ve also asked if we know of any groups who might have an interest and could send a rep.
Please let Bill Jarvis know in the first instance on, or phone 07818414842

WCA Members meetings
The first is a Wiltshire Climate Alliance Members meeting on 3rd August at 7pm
It will be a Zoom meeting and invites will be sent out in the next few days.

This will be the first full WCA meeting since the workshop on 25th January(there was a smaller one to consider the constitution in March just before lockdown).

A lot has happened since then, including a pandemic that has impacted us all.
So, we thought it was time for us all to catch up on where our groups are focused, get our ideas on WCA direction, set our sights on the green recovery and plan for future events and actions
We have also set a date for a meeting on 7th September. Whether we meet online or face to face, we can decide on 3rd August.

WCA/Wiltshire Council Workshop

On 14th August, we’re hosting a workshop to support WC in developing and delivering their Covid Recovery plan.

The workshop will start at 10:00 and run for 2 hours, with breakout sessions to debate and agree on ways to shape the recovery plan to address the environmental issues
Numbers will be limited to a maximum of 40, so any group or individual interested in joining the debate and planning action should let us know as soon as possible through the form here
A bit of background
The Council has stated that it is keen that its COVID-19 recovery plan helps achieve its declared aim of making Wiltshire Carbon Neutral by 2030.
Recently we were invited to meet Wiltshire Council’s Director of Communities & Neighbourhoods and its Head of Carbon Reduction. 
Following that meeting, WCA was offered a place on the Recovery Community Resilience Group and opportunities for WCA members to be involved in shaping the recovery plan were suggested. Chris Lange representing WCA. So, we proposed a workshop, which the Council has agreed to be a part of, where we can explore how we make it a green recovery.

Full Council meeting 21st July

Cycling Motion support.
There was a good cycle gathering outside County Hall in the sunshine, contrast to the rain and cold of February!
People cycled in from Bradford on Avon, Wootton Bassett, Salisbury, just north of Shaftsbury and Chippenham.
Councillor Mathew, who put the cycle motion forward also cycled in and gave us a preview of his statement to Council. Very positive.
We also had a lady who was going to come on her horse but sensibly decided that Trowbridge roads wouldn’t be safe.













The outcome wasn’t what we wanted as Council rejected the Motion, but the debate on it went on for over 2½ hours! I’m sure it will be back in due course

Questions to Council
We had 26 questions mainly on climate related issues put to Council, a pretty good show and keeping up the pressure on Cabinet to get their fingers out.
Of course, we got a lot of the usual bland nonsense replies, but the pressure remains and things will change.
Just think, if we hadn’t kept up the pressure last year, they wouldn’t be doing any of the things on climate they are and they’ve now set up a 4 person officer team specifically to address climate issues. That’s a result.

Next Cabinet is 18th August. Let’s get our questions in.


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