Events and Campaigns


Wiltshire Day of Action - 21st July 2020

The next full Wiltshire Council meeting is being held on 21st July. This is our opportunity to make sure the councillors know we care and that they must take this opportunity to plan for a greener recovery. We plan to do this in the three ways as shown below.


Ask The Council a Question or make a statement

County Hall Chamber.jpg

We’re coming out of a serious crisis for the planet and Wiltshire Council (WC) are creating a Recovery Plan to help the County. Wiltshire Climate Alliance would like WC to make it a Green Recovery and we would like to challenge and support them to do that. We all have a right to ask questions or make statements at council meetings.

We’re therefore calling on all groups and individuals in the County to ask questions and make suggestions to WC as to how the County 'build back better'.

The next Full Council meeting is on 21st July and we want to push as many questions as possible to Council to make the Green Recovery central to their planning.


Click here for more information about how to submit questions and how we intend to coordinate our efforts and avoid duplication. 

Calling All Cyclists! - Tuesday 21st July

Cycle demo Salisbury.png
Cycle demo bogos.jpeg

We are asking cyclists from all over Wiltshire to jump on their bikes and meet us outside the County Hall in Trowbridge at 10am to show Wiltshire Council our support for a much-needed Green Recovery! A strong Green Recovery will be crucial if the council are to fulfil their commitment to being Carbon Neutral by 2030. 

Film your cycle to County Hall and show us your journey if possible, to help us report back to the Council on the cycleways (or lack of) from different starting points around Wiltshire. Of course, we also invite those who don’t have a bike, don’t get on with bikes or may have a bike but too terrified to use the current cycling infrastructure to join us at County Hall too!


There will be bicycle powered  PA system with live audio from inside the Wiltshire Full Council Meeting and opportunity to meet fellow WCA members from all over the county. Please respect social distancing and wear a mask if possible.