COP 26 festivals across Wiltshire - Let's start planning


Festival Time - Lets start planning for September!

Time to get together – Time for festivals!
Lockdown has prevented us for getting together, celebrating our environment together and sharing ideas together but the end is in sight and it will soon be the right time to be properly together. COP 26 will also soon be with us and we anticipate increased interest in climate change related issues as the November date draws ever closer.
We are delighted that the Climate Coalition is encouraging local groups to hold events and festivals across the whole of the UK during the second half of September 2021 to mark the coming of COP26 and we very much hope that Wiltshire will be a big part of it. It has been suggested that local groups in Wiltshire could perhaps hold their own local events on or around 18th September and the WCA may then hold a bigger festival the following weekend. 
This could be an excellent way to spread the word, create interest and provide information across Wiltshire.

Climate Coalition did a presentation for Climate Friendly Bradford-on-Avon explaining more - watch the video here.

What Kind of event or festival are we talking about?

Anything that promotes sustainability and the need to look after our planet. It could be an organised walk through a valley, it could be an art exhibition, poetry or it could be a music festival aimed at attracting more people to understand climate change - Time to use your imagination!

We want to hold an event - what do we need to do?

The WCA hopes to coordinate as many events as possible during the second half of September 21 to coincide with events that will be taking place across much of the UK. 

For now - we just need a rough idea of what you want to do where you want to do it and the contact details of the person is organising your event. Please send Christian by E mail on this LINK 

How can the WCA help?

  • Help promote your event and put it on a map of things going on during the lead up to COP 26

  • Provide examples of risk assessments, event management plans, licence application if needed etc

  • Put you in touch with people coordinating other events so that you can share knowledge and ideas

  • Make us all feel part of something bigger

  • Call Christian on 078 2525 3848 if you want to talk through ideas etc.

Wiltshire COP

WCA and Wiltshore Council are planning a joint event in early October, which will be a day of sessions in which organisations in various sectors in Wiltshire come together to discuss how to achieve Wiltshire's ambitions to reduce overall emissions in Wiltshire by 2030.

Leading up to this we expect to hold sector-specific events to develop action plans in each type of organisation.

This is at the early stages of planning, and we are keen to hear from people who would like to be involved - please contact us as above.

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