Events and Campaigns


Climate Change Demonstration - Trowbridge Civic Centre Tuesday 19th October 09.30 to 12.00

The next full Wiltshire Council meeting is being held on 19th October 2021. This is our opportunity to make sure the councillors know we care and that they need to consider the climate in every decision they make!


Demonstration - 19th October 21 - Trowbridge Civic Centre - 09.30 to 12.00

We’re asking all who are concerned with lack of action on climate & environment to join us outsice the Civic Centre to press Councillors  for more immediate action on climate and environmental issues, including net zero housing, active travel, support for zero carbon transport and many other areas highlighted in the strategy.

On 19th October, there is a full Wiltshire Council meeting being held at the Civic Hall in Trowbridge. WCA plan to hold a demonstration outside prior to the meeting starting at 09:30


We will be joined by a wide variety of Climate groups from across the county including the Samba band to ensure that we are heard.

Please note that unlike previous demonstrations that have been held outside County Hall this is being held outside Trowbridge Civic Centre as this is where the Council is meeting on this occasion.

What do you need to bring? - Just bring yourselves - a banner would be good and be ready to be heard! W

Please see the map below:

Screenshot 2021-10-14 at 11.06.33.png